DOT Week- Overview of CVSA International Roadcheck

Pamela Nebiu Pamela Nebiu May 10, 2022
DOT Week- Overview of CVSA International Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) initiative known as DOT Week kicks off on May 17, 2022, and it is time for shippers, carriers, and freight brokers to prepare. With the trucking industry already under immense pressure, the International Roadcheck event will likely cause additional delays and issues. As highlighted by the CVSA, More than 40,000 commercial motor vehicle inspections were conducted for 2021 International Roadcheck. Inspectors removed 6,710 commercial motor vehicles and 2,080 drivers from roadways – a 16.5% vehicle and 5.3% driver out-of-service rate.” The International Roadcheck’s pressure on the supply chain cannot be ignored or overlooked by shippers, carriers, or broker companies.

DOT Week Facts to Know

The inspections conducted as part of DOT Week are intense and all-inclusive, checking both vehicles and drivers. Shippers and carriers need to prepare for many things. Here are some quick facts regarding DOT Week:

  • This year’s International Roadcheck truckload market event will run for 72 hours, day and night, for continuous inspections.
  • The annual initiative is the most extensive targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles globally.
  • CVSA expects to conduct as many as 15 inspections a minute.
  • Officials will operate in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to inspect drivers who deliver loads.
  • Everything on the vehicle can be inspected—ELD compliance, driver records, tire treads, brakes, wipers, headlights, exhausts, suspensions, cargo loading, etc.
  • Last year’s DOT Week saw over 40,000 inspections carried out as part of the  International Roadcheck tracking for logistics experts.
  • 16.5% of the inspections resulted in vehicle out-of-service violations and write-ups.
  • 5.3% of the assessments resulted in driver out-of-service violations and write-ups.
  • Inspections can include 37 points of review and can significantly extend the transportation time for loads.
  • Poor DOT Week reviews lead to fines, bulk freight delays, poor safety ratings, and other damaging marks that affect a driver’s ability to find loads in the future.


It is easy to see why it is important to predict and prepare ahead of the event.

How DOT Week Affects Shippers

While the freight capacity and load inspections are essential for maintaining safe shipping lanes and roads, International Roadcheck can be a hassle for shipping companies, especially if they lack up-to-date logistics technology. Some drivers decide not to carry loads during DOT Week, and this has a significant impact on the supply chain as it only exacerbates driver shortages and capacity issues. Instead, shippers need to plan and do the following:

  • Build in extra time for shipments.
  • Maintain routine safety checks.
  • Remain polite and cooperative during inspections.
  • Vet drivers carefully.
  • Collaborate with 3PLs for carrier sales and procurement.
Choose Edge to Maintain Capacity Through DOT Week

Keeping up with demands for spot rates vs. contact trucking is a constant struggle, and the  International Roadcheck inspections will only add to the pressure on the road. Partner with Edge Logistics to weather the disruptions and maintain capacity procurement throughout DOT Week and beyond.

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