How Edge Logistics is Helping Shippers Strive Toward Sustainability

Pamela Nebiu Pamela Nebiu March 30, 2023
How Edge Logistics is Helping Shippers Strive Toward Sustainability
Sustainability, carbon footprint, and climate change have become more than just trendy buzzwords. They are critical initiatives in ensuring the long-term viability of our planet, and shippers need to take them seriously. In addition to being the right thing to do, adopting sustainable logistics practices also benefits shippers. For example, a study reveals 75 percent of customers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy.
Edge Logistics, a leading global supply chain service provider, is taking proactive measures to implement sustainability. To demonstrate its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, it has partnered with Cloverly’s digital platform. This partnership enables Edge Logistics to meet customer demands for emissions reductions while providing cost savings and industry-leading innovation through a data-driven, API-enabled platform. This blog further discusses that new partnership, the challenges of sustainability, and how shippers utilize technology to lessen their carbon footprint.
What is Sustainability and Why it Matters
Sustainability is meeting all present needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Striving for sustainability involves implementing eco-friendly practices that minimize the environmental impact. It also entails preserving current systems over time and using natural resources more efficiently and effectively to prevent depletion. Sustainability efforts incorporate these practices within the supply chain while achieving economic success. These efforts include reducing emissions, minimizing waste, utilizing sustainable materials and renewable energy sources, collaborating to share strategies for lowering carbon footprints and holding all parties accountable for their actions.
Edge Logistics’ Latest Partnership is Another Step Towards Sustainability
Edge Logistics has taken significant strides toward sustainability by partnering with Cloverly, a digital platform that uses a data-driven, API-enabled approach to offset carbon emissions. This partnership enables the award-winning Edge Logistics to embed sustainability into operations further and help shippers lower their carbon footprint, build customer awareness, and fight climate change — all through one platform. “Cloverly helped us formulate an ongoing high-quality carbon credit program that aligns with our organizational goals and takes us further on our sustainability journey,” said Edge Logistics CEO Will Kerr in a press release. 
Edge Logistics’ partners will benefit from real-time data showing their emissions output, leading to better decision-making in the effort to further green initiatives. With the Cloverly partnership, Edge Logistics now supplies shippers with an easy way to calculate how much carbon a shipment emits and offers quarterly reporting and carbon offset solutions. It also provides access to a sustainability dashboard with API integration when signing up for Capacity, Edge Logistics’s freight-matching platform that incorporates robust technology and machine learning. Edge Logistics has already implemented several sustainable efforts to reduce empty miles and promote eco-conscious practices, and working with Cloverly further enhances those efforts. Clovery’s Sustainability-as-a-Service solution allows access to high-quality carbon credits that help offset the impact of emissions. This partnership also has the potential to scale and create a more considerable influence in the ongoing fight against climate change.
How Edge Logistics Seeks Sustainability
The fast-growing Edge Logistics has long realized that understanding your carbon footprint and environmental impact is needed to establish sustainability goals. It has proven this with the Edge Logistics Sustainability Dashboard and Shipping Portal/Interface. Utilizing these platforms allows shippers to benefit in the following areas:
  • Calculate carbon emissions from each shipment
  • View a complete picture to understand your carbon footprint
  • Understand previous carbon emissions and how that assists future planning
  • Compare and purchase high-quality offsets that meet your needs
  • Seamlessly offset carbon emissions
  • Stay ahead of the regulatory curve
  • Reduce your overall carbon impact quickly
  • Acquire new customers that share your sustainability vision
  • Help customers advance their sustainability initiatives
  • Strengthen brand position as an eco-friendly company committed to a better planet
  • Allow shipments to have a carbon-neutral option
  • Reduce emissions via intermodal options
Here are some other vital ways that Edge Logistics incorporates sustainability measures into its daily activities, setting an example for customers and other partners:
  • Edge has been Smartway Certified since 2016
  • Data-driven insights that reduce waste processes
  • Edge aims to be completely paperless in its four office buildings
  • The Capacity for Shippers platform helps eliminate empty miles and carbon emissions, which the Cloverly platform will intensify. 
How Innovation Helps Shippers Combat Sustainability Challenges 
Achieving sustainability requires taking significant steps rather than merely hoping for them. Shippers face numerous challenges, and incorporating sustainability initiatives adds another layer of complexity. Shippers must first understand their carbon footprint and environmental impact across their operations to set realistic sustainability goals. Fortunately, technology and innovation are making it easier for shippers to meet sustainability challenges and reap the benefits. Real-time tracking and cloud-based software solutions enable shippers to analyze their supply chain operations and identify areas for improvement that reduce their environmental impact. These solutions help suppliers minimize waste and lower their carbon footprint. By studying data analytics, shippers can make data-driven decisions that allow them to predict and respond to sustainability issues that are currently occurring or may arise if they do not modify their practices. 
Shippers Turn to Edge Logistics for a Sustainable Partnership
Edge Logistics provides freight technology solutions across the United States and strives for sustainability and a cleaner plant. It has unmatched customer service and promotes ethical services while saving money for its partners. Its industry-leading tech stack is fully integrated and provides end-to-end solutions, and teaming up with Cloverly is another way Edge Logistics is finding ways to measure and offset carbon emissions through industry-leading innovation. Learn more about Cloverly and find out how easy it is to be green.

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