Why Real-Time Shipment Visibility Is Now Table Stakes Offerings From Freight Brokers

Pamela Nebiu Pamela Nebiu November 16, 2021
Why Real-Time Shipment Visibility Is Now Table Stakes Offerings From Freight Brokers

Having a competitive advantage, like providing end-to-end shipment visibility with a mobile platform, can enhance the customer experience and increase brand loyalty throughout the supply chain. For brokers, this amounts to better capacity procurement and finding high-quality, top-paying loads for available capacity as well. Regardless, operating with better quality data enables brokers to gain reliable and consistent insight on the capacity visibility as well as the available loads for their carriers. Freight visibility platforms have become more and more connective for shippers, carriers, and intermediaries as they collaborate together to execute shipments. This blog will explore how this culmination of real-time shipment visibility is powering the new age of logistics. 


Real-Time Shipment Visibility Is Essential to Providing a Better Customer Experience for Shippers

Transparency has become more important over the years, and the use of proper load tracking technology provides constant shipment visibility. Utilizing modern technology like application programming interfaces (APIs) and app-based bookings, such as those behind Edge CAPACITY, allows for information to be easily accessed and shared among partners and customers. Improved visibility keeps customers informed throughout the entire process, which builds confidence and loyalty. Providing robust resources, such as a freight capacity app, further enhances  full visibility to track shipments, process payments, and personalize the account to ensure freight needs are met. Together, this provides a world-class customer experience for shippers that seek the services of brokerages. 

Increased Visibility Reduces Risk of Stock-Outs

Having enhanced visibility can eliminate stock-outs and the inevitable backlash from unhappy customers.  When explaining the benefits of increased visibility, says,Real-time visibility can give manufacturing companies excellent insights about production volumes, manufacturing inefficiencies, and raw material sourcing or procurement.” Utilizing technology can provide up-to-date numbers on item availability, ensuring the product is in stock and available to ship. Further, apples-to-apples analytics help to improve the reordering process and avoid stock-outs resulting from disruption, such as delays in ocean cargo arrival and OTR transport limitations.

Limited Visibility Is Simply Unacceptable as SaaS Platforms Proliferate 

As technology advances and there are numerous cloud-based network solutions available from third-party providers, there is an option to meet any company’s needs. The increased visibility and transparency will lead to more utilization of freight hauling capacity and smart capacity matching. Additionally, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms are leveling the playing field and they come with a lower investment cost than building an in-house solution. This makes limited visibility simply unacceptable in today’s supply chain. 

More Visibility Further Reduces Risk of Disruption

By having more control over data and increased visibility, shippers can mitigate potential delays and other disruptions more easily. With the advantage of technology advancements, the automation of operational processes, shipment tracking, and streamlined communications can also reduce the disruptions of phone calls and emails. Focusing on dwell time, payments, and analyzing routes for shipments can benefit shipments more than managing emails or answering phone calls. This is especially true as collaboration and speed of execution become new norms for managing disruptions. 

Not Offering Clear Shipment Visibility Leads to Less Accurate Delivery Schedules, Increasing Safety Risks

Limited shipment visibility and a lack of data insight can cause issues with route optimization and the delivery process. Advanced visibility technology provides the real-time ability to manage the dock flow and drivers going in and out of facilities. At certain times of the year, such as hurricane season, having the visibility to reroute drivers if there is flooding can prevent delays and promote safety.

It Leads to Cost Savings

With increased shipment visibility comes more informed decisions and improved savings due to a deeper level of data-driven insights. Making decisions supported by data and insights drives smart planning, agile operations, and strategies that focus on  growth and scalability. Having more shipment visibility and utilizing more SaaS platforms can improve process automation, which reduces the cost of staff covering a load by automating the handling of phone calls, emails, and texts. 

It Builds Trust in Your Business

When deciding on a shipping company, customers expect and want a certain level of experience and trustworthiness. Allowing access to data and full transparency can increase collaboration with customers and partners. Increased shipment visibility can also facilitate closer partnerships, eliminate communication gaps, and build trust among all stakeholders along the way.. 

Gain Real-Time Shipment Visibility With the Right Brokerage by Your Side

Gaining shipment visibility can help shippers aid customers in getting the most out of a shipment and reinforce carrier relationships. To build trust in the business, increase profits, and experience the other benefits of increased visibility, contact Edge Logistics today.


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