Steering Through International Roadcheck Week 2023: An Essential Guide for Freight Brokers, Shippers & Drivers

Maria Callegari Maria Callegari May 18, 2023
Steering Through International Roadcheck Week 2023: An Essential Guide for Freight Brokers, Shippers & Drivers

International Roadcheck week is here. Are you and your carriers ready? International Roadcheck Week, which started, May 16-18 this year, is an annual, 3-day event where inspectors across Canada, the US, and Mexico conduct tens of thousands of road checks on commercial drivers.

Organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), International Roadcheck Week 2023 will focus on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. However, all vehicles inspected will also be checked for general safety issues according to the 37-step level I inspection.

To help you and your carriers prepare for inspections, we’ve compiled all that you’ll need to know about International Roadcheck Week 2023, as well as some helpful tips for drivers and considerations for shippers. 

International Roadcheck Week 2023: The Facts

International Roadcheck Week is all about making the roads safer by preventing motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Checks will be conducted across North America, with over 15 inspections occurring per minute for 72 hours straight.

The 2022 Roadcheck Week results indicate that these checks are still essential. Of the 37,700+ assessments conducted, 8,718 vehicles were designated “out of service,” meaning they were unsafe to be on the road. Put another way, 23.1% —  more than a fifth of total vehicles checked at that time in North America — had prominent safety issues that could cause serious injuries or deaths. These issues are preventable through regular maintenance and thorough driver training. 

During International Roadcheck Week, trucks are inspected based on the North American Standard Inspection Program. This program is a standardized system to ensure that large trucks and buses driving anywhere in North America are safe to be on the road. The standard’s two main goals are driver compliance and vehicle safety. 

In addition to the regular checks, this year’s focus is on ABS and cargo securement. This theme will highlight the dangers of failing ABS and incorrect cargo securement. 

Functioning ABS helps prevent collisions by keeping wheels from locking while braking. This enables drivers to maintain greater control over their vehicle when braking, especially when stopping short. 

Proper cargo securement saves lives. When cargo isn’t secured properly, it may be harder for drivers to maintain control of their trucks, especially when going around curves or turning. In extreme circumstances, cargo falling off trucks can crush cars or motorcyclists, or cause collisions. 

Tips for Drivers to Pass the International Roadcheck Week 2023 Inspections

Passing the International Roadcheck Week inspections doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve broken the core needs down into an easy checklist for ensuring that your shippers and drivers are compliant: 

  • General inspection tips
    • Follow basic safety procedures
    • Have documentation ready
    • Understand how your equipment works
    • Ensure all mechanical systems are compliant
    • Anticipate delays and communicate effectively
  • Tips for ensuring cargo is secure 
  • Use suitable, damage-free gear
  • Utilize the correct number of tie-downs
  • Ensure all cargo is properly secured
  • Abide by commodity-specific regulations
  • Tips for ensuring ABS compliance
    • Check for a properly functioning dashboard light
    • Look, feel, and listen for malfunction indicators
What Shippers Should Think About During the International Roadcheck Week

While International Roadcheck Week will predominantly affect truckers and trucking companies, it can also affect shippers and companies looking to ship goods. Failed inspections, which amounted to over a fifth of total inspections last year, can take a sizable chunk of trucks off the road. Additionally, in past years, we’ve seen many drivers opt not to drive during Roadcheck Week to avoid the delays and onus of inspections. 

As a result, there is likely to be tighter capacity during the week of May 16 and in the following weeks as out-of-service trucks work to pass retaken tests. Overall, this will likely lead to rising rates, increased transit times, and service failures where shipments are not received at all. 

To help shippers plan more effectively for the impacts of International Roadcheck Week, we suggest they plan for higher rates and longer transit times beginning the week of May 16 and possibly continuing for several weeks afterward. Partnering with an experienced service provider like Edge Logistics can help minimize the delays or service failures caused by Roadcheck Week. 

Work with Edge Logistics to Power Through International Roadcheck Week 2023

International Roadcheck Week is an important annual event that helps maintain road safety in North America. 

If you’re a carrier, now is the perfect time to invest in your drivers and ensure they’re properly performing all pre-driving checks and are prepared to pass their inspections. If you’re a driver, now is the best time to start taking any necessary steps to get your rig up to code. 

You can count on Edge Logistics to help steer your shipping needs through the potential delays caused by International Roadcheck Week. Get in touch to request a quote today.

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