Introducing the Future of Load Matching with Edge CAPACITY enhancements

Maria Callegari Maria Callegari October 19, 2023
Introducing the Future of Load Matching with Edge CAPACITY enhancements

In the rapidly evolving landscape of logistics, operational efficiency takes center stage. Carriers, the lifeblood of transportation, persistently refine their strategies for punctual deliveries and cost containment. Edge Logistics has once again elevated industry standards with its latest enhancements to our CAPACITY App. 

When we originally designed CAPACITY, our goals were clear:

Improved Efficiency: CAPACITY's load matching technology simplifies the process of finding and securing loads for transportation. Upon carriers signing up with CAPACITY, their lane history is automatically uploaded. Utilizing algorithms and real-time data, we match available trucks with shippers' loads. Carriers can even select their preferred lanes to be automatically matched with loads that fit their profile. 

Reduced Deadhead Miles: Deadhead miles, the distance a truck travels without a load, significantly impact carriers' costs. CAPACITY minimizes deadhead miles by connecting carriers with nearby shippers who require their services. This reduction in wasted miles translates to lower fuel costs and increased profitability.

Access to a Wider Network: CAPACITY's platform broadens carriers' reach by providing access to an extensive network of shippers and available loads. This increased visibility into available loads allows carriers to explore opportunities beyond their typical routes and customer base, diversifying their portfolio and revenue streams.

Real-Time Data and Tracking: Load matching technology offers real-time tracking capabilities, enabling carriers to monitor the status and location of their loads. This transparency enhances communication with shippers and provides accurate estimated arrival times, thereby improving customer satisfaction and building trust.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Traditionally, securing loads involves a significant amount of paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations. Edge's CAPACITY technology automates these processes, reducing the administrative burden on carriers. This frees up valuable time and resources that can be redirected towards core operations.


Now, introducing the latest update, which we consider a game-changer in Edge Logistics' enhanced CAPACITY App:


The Game-Changer: Live Capacity Posting

While the above-mentioned tools are impressive individually, the true game-changer in our enhanced CAPACITY App is the ability for carriers to post live capacity. This feature introduces real-time synchronization between carriers and available shipments, optimizing match-making and ushering in a new era of efficiency. Here's how it works:

Always In Sync: Carriers can instantly update their available capacity as it changes, whether they have an empty truck returning from a delivery or have expanded their fleet. This ensures that their capacity is always current and ready for new opportunities.

Real-time Matchmaking: With the live post a truck option, the app can instantly connect carriers with available shipments that align with their routes. This real-time matchmaking minimizes empty miles, reduces fuel consumption, and increases overall efficiency.

Improved Collaboration: Our team can work flawlessly with shippers and carriers with up-to-the-minute data, leading to enhanced collaboration and reduced lead times. This ensures that goods are transported faster and more efficiently.

Edge Logistics' CAPACITY App enhancements represent a significant leap forward, not only in terms of efficiency but also in promoting sustainability by reducing wasted resources. In an industry where every minute and mile count, staying connected and in sync is vital. Edge Logistics understands this, and our enhanced CAPACITY App embodies our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

As businesses worldwide strive for greater efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and improved collaboration, Edge Logistics continues to lead the way.

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