How Edge Logistics Supports Our Employees’ Well-Being for Mental Health Awareness Month

Pamela Nebiu Pamela Nebiu May 31, 2022
How Edge Logistics Supports Our Employees’ Well-Being for Mental Health Awareness Month
As we close Mental Health Awareness Month for 2022, remember to care for your mental health throughout the whole year. Burnout is a topic of growing concern in the post-COVID world. According to Forbes, more than 70% of employees report feeling burnt out, and part of the problem comes from a lack of employer engagement. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we at Edge Logistics want to take a few moments to recognize this fact and how we’re working to support our employees’ mental health. 
The Facts of Burnout

Burnout occurs when a series of triggers over time lead to a loss of employee engagement. Top warning signs include:

  • Feeling detached from the workplace
  • Loss of motivation and interest 
  • Decreased productivity and more mistakes 
  • Indecisiveness
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping 
  • Irritability 

Unfortunately, these are all common symptoms associated with depression or other mental health problems. And avoiding burnout means employers like us need to recognize them and take a proactive step to keep our employees engaged and happy. 

Edge Logistics Uses Boon Health to Support Our Team

Mental health has long held a stigma in the workplace. Yes, some laws govern the sharing of protected health information (PHI) between employees and employers. However, that doesn’t mean employers simply avoid the topic. 

At Edge Logistics, we’ve taken a different stance to bring mental well-being to our employees through Boon Health.

But what’s Boon Health?

It’s a dedicated service of top-tier mental health coaches that can help employees work through the trials and tribulations affecting their quality of work and overall sense of self. Top topics discussed during a one-on-one coaching session with a Boon expert include:

  • Stress, anxiety, and burnout. 
  • Professional development. 
  • Concerns while working from home. 
  • Financial well-being and stability. 
  • Relationship management and more. 

We value our employees, and we know that our collective success as a company depends on each employee’s success. Yes, our industry is growing, and we know that there are some big shoes to fill as the effects of disruption continue. 

“The toughest six inches on a golf course is between your ears. The same concept applies to business and, in particular, our business. Keeping your head in the game, consistently bringing positive energy, and staying passionate even when facing adversity are keys to success. From a management perspective, we will do anything we can as an organization to help keep our team in a healthy state of mind,” said Will Kerr, President of Edge Logistics.

“Personally, I started working with a coach a couple of months ago, and it has been a strong outlet and resource for me,” he added. “Balancing work pressure, home/family life, personal happiness, and health is challenging. Having an expert who can share how other successful people overcome similar obstacles has been rewarding.”

 To that point, Boon Health has shown an overarching positive trend among its users. In fact, organizations and users of Boon Health have reported a 40% decrease in employee turnover and a 20% in employee resiliency.

Dan Kliff, Senior Sales Executive at Edge Logistics, said, “Boon Health has been one of the most helpful tools I have for my professional development. It’s an unbiased sounding board that provides effective solutions for strong communication and execution, both internally and externally, outside of our company. These strategies and solutions have helped me better handle stressful situations in my everyday life.”

“By offering Boon Health, Edge has provided me access to counselors and resources I would not have had otherwise, working with them has greatly improved multiple aspects of my day to day in and outside of my professional work.” Maggie Allen, Account Manager. Edge Logistics is proud to have this partnership in place to support our team’s mental health year-round, not only during May. 
Be Part of a Team That Cares About Your Whole Being

Logistics will always be a high-stakes and high-stress industry, but we’re working to help provide the resources that our team needs to thrive throughout this intense time of disruptions and beyond. Be part of a company that puts employees first. Apply today, and see how Edge Logistics celebrates Mental Health Awareness year-round with a team-first approach.

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