Going Paperless: The Features and Benefits of a Digital CAPACITY

Maria Callegari Maria Callegari November 09, 2023
Going Paperless: The Features and Benefits of a Digital CAPACITY

The logistics and transportation industry has come a long way from the days of manual paperwork and phone calls to arrange shipments. Today, digital innovation is reshaping the industry, and one significant trend is the transition to paperless processes. In an effort to remain consistently sustainable and efficient, CAPACITY’s paperless features are improving shipper and carrier operations at every turn.


How is CAPACITY Fully Paperless?

  • Digital Load Posting: Shippers can post their available loads digitally, providing essential details such as origin, destination, type of cargo, and preferred transportation requirements. While traditional paper manifests have already become outdated, CAPACITY’s ease of load management can further eliminate a shippers or carrier's use of notepads, post-its, and more as they can view everything, easily within the app. 
  • Electronic Documentation: Paperless platforms like CAPACITY facilitate the exchange of electronic documents, including bills of lading (eBOLs), invoices, and delivery receipts. Carriers and shippers can digitally sign and share these documents, streamlining the administrative process.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Users can track shipments in real-time through GPS-enabled technology. Although Edge will always provide the shipper's choice of tracking updates, this feature provides visibility into the location, status, and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of goods, eliminating the need for manual check-ins and phone calls.  
  • Digital Payments: Payment processing is simplified with electronic payment options. Carriers can receive payments digitally, reducing the time and effort required for paper checks or cash transactions.
  • Document Storage and Retrieval: CAPACITY offers secure document storage, making it easy to access historical records and transaction histories. This feature simplifies audits, compliance checks, and record-keeping.

The Latest Enhancement:

In our latest launch of CAPACITY, we have introduced an enhanced invoicing process. Gone are the days of complicated paperwork. Carriers can now directly upload all necessary documentation, making invoicing swift and hassle-free.

Benefits of a Paperless CAPACITY:

  • Efficiency: Going paperless significantly increases operational efficiency. Digital load posting, document sharing, and real-time tracking streamline processes, reducing manual workloads and potential errors.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminating paper-based processes reduces printing, postage, and storage costs. Additionally, digital transactions often result in faster payment cycles, improving cash flow for carriers and shippers.
  • Environmental Impact: Transitioning to a paperless system is eco-friendly, as it reduces paper consumption and waste. This aligns with sustainability goals and promotes a greener supply chain. Furthermore, Edge’s sustainability partner Cloverly gives all shippers the ability to view full carbon emissions data on every load as well as receive quarterly reports on how their carbon emissions output varies throughout their portfolio and what they can do to offset it. 
  • Accessibility: Users can access the platform from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for carriers, shippers, and brokers to manage shipments and collaborate, regardless of their physical location.
  • Improved Accuracy: Digital documentation and automated data entry reduce the risk of errors associated with manual data input, enhancing the accuracy of records and reducing disputes.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Real-time tracking and centralized communication provide better visibility into the supply chain. This transparency enables proactive problem-solving and improves customer service.
  • Compliance and Auditing: The digital trail of transactions and documentation simplifies compliance checks and auditing processes, helping companies maintain regulatory standards.


Embracing a paperless workflow is a strategic move for logistics and transportation companies seeking to modernize their operations.  In this day and age it is assumed that the majority of a business's operations are already or heavily trending towards paperless, but you would be surprised at the level of paper still involved in most company’s day to day systems.   The features and benefits of platforms, like CAPACITY, including digital load posting, electronic documentation, real-time tracking, streamlined communication, and cost savings, contribute to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, going paperless aligns with Edge’s, and many other customers, sustainability goals and positions companies for success in an increasingly digital and eco-conscious business environment.  Find out other ways Edge’s remains focused on sustainability here.


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